The foot and ankle are intricate and complex designs.  As might be expected pain, discomfort or dysfunction in them can have many causes, ranging from simple to difficult reasons why they hurt. The list below outlines a number of the more common types of foot and ankle problems we all might experience. Clicking on any link will open a page that explains a bit more about the pain felt in that area and how we might work with you in getting it better and you back to being more active. 

Heel Pain

HEEL PAIN....... is one of the most common foot complaints Ian sees at PodiaClinic.   The good news is some types of heel pain can get better on their own over time so, if it is just a niggle or you have had it for only a short while, then a tincture of time and p...

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Forefoot Pain

Heel Pain is one of the most common foot pains Ian Linane sees at PodiaClinic. Like feet, heel pain comes in many different types and the pain sensations can be different:  What does it feel like? 1 Plantar Fascii...

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