Musculoskeletal assessment is an approach that examines how well the tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) and bones (including joints) of your body are working together.

It also allows us to determine where pain or injury might lie in the body and decide what may be the best treatment or combination of treatments you and Ian might use to resolve the problem. It is common for many MSK conditions to respond well over a course of treatment, which typically involves between 4-6 sessions.

These assessments and treatments are provided at Podia-Clinic by our MSK Podiatrist Ian Linane.

The following describes some of the assessments and treatments Ian provides as part of MSK services at Podia-Clinic. Any one or more of these might be done at anyone time, giving In information to guide you and him in helping to improve your situation and help you return to good activity.

Biomechanical Assessment / Gait analysis

Generally this involves the podiatrist moving your foot in certain ways, to check the quality and the range of movement of certain joints in your foot and ankle, followed by them observing how well certain movements are occurring as you walk. From these ass...

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Joint Mobilisation

These are very gentle movements of a joint(s) within your foot or ankle. Why do we do them? There are 33 joints in your foot and the bones that make up the joints are shaped in such a way that they can glide upon each other. Where these joints become stiff th...

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Soft Tissue Mobilisation

The tissues referred to here are mainly muscles, ligaments, tendon and fascia. Additionally there are specialised tissues that enclose a joint. Muscles can become tired and then injure, what we might describe as being over used. This might happen if you...

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Fascial Manipulation

This is a specific and specialised form of treatment for a tissue in the body called fascia and Ian is one of only a few podiatrists trained in Fascial Manipulation. Fascia is present throughout the entire body, is found beneath the ski...

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Acupuncture and Dry Needling

The type of acupuncture used at Podia-Clinic is Western Medical and not Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture. Using very fine needles placed into quite specific areas the intended use is to stimulate the nervous system in such a way as to red...

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Functional Exercise

Many of the assessments used at Podia-Clinic are known as functional, that is, they involve a person undertaking a simple movement, for example, going up onto their toes. Any exercise suggested is simple to do and chosen because it helps reveal where a weakness or in...

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Orthoses (shoe inserts)

As natural as they are, walking and running can sometimes become uncomfortable, painful or feel hard work. The reasons for this can be many and varied but most often it is because of injury or tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) working harder than ideal. In mo...

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