These are very gentle movements of a joint(s) within your foot or ankle. Why do we do them?

There are 33 joints in your foot and the bones that make up the joints are shaped in such a way that they can glide upon each other. Where these joints become stiff the ability to glide is reduced and the muscles, ligaments and tendons near the joints have to work harder. This increase in work can fatigue tissues and lead to injury or foot or ankle pain. Equally, where joints are too stiff (as a result of an injury or surgery), they can make recovery more difficult and prevent pain from being reduced.

As an MSK podiatrist Ian is skilled in identifying joints that are too stiff and how to restore/improve movement of those joints again.


Treatment benefits

  • They can be used to reduce pain
  • Reduce stiffness so that the foot bends and moves better when walking / running / dancing.
  • Reduce the stress and strain to muscles that work near or around a joint
  • Can help restore easier movement in the foot and ankle so that walking improves after injury or periods of being immobile or after foot surgery.