The tissues referred to here are mainly muscles, ligaments, tendon and fascia. Additionally there are specialised tissues that enclose a joint.

Muscles can become tired and then injure, what we might describe as being over used. This might happen if you suddenly increase a sporting activity, trip over an obstacle, twist or sprain your ankle or strain yourself climbing something. Even everyday activities might lead to injury of a muscle. Whilst many such small incidents can recover, a severe one or repeated small ones tends weaken those tissues.

Soft tissue mobilisation and specific soft tissue mobilisation are particular types of massage designed to restore healthy function to fatigued or injured muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.

As an MSK podiatrist Ian is skilled in identifying tissues in which injury can lie and in mobilising those tissues to recovery to aid you in your return to activity.

Treatment benefits

  • Restore strength to muscles
  • Reduce stiffness in tissues
  • Reduce pain