As natural as they are, walking and running can sometimes become uncomfortable, painful or feel hard work. The reasons for this can be many and varied but most often it is because of injury or tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) working harder than ideal. In most cases, Ian can help improve this situation without using inserts.

Occasionally, an insert can be very helpful as a temporary or permanent help in restoring a healthy, enjoyable walking or running experience. Orthoses do not “support’ the foot or make it “lazy”. Rather, in the case of an injury, they can help reduce how hard muscles have to work for a while, so they can recover and any rehabilitation treatment given an opportunity to work quicker.

At podia-clinic we can provide suitable stock inserts for temporary needs, supply small wedges to reduce stress in the achilles tendon or create made to measure ones - prescribed to your own foots needs - for the more permanent requirement.

Your foot has 28 individual bones and many muscles and ligaments that move together. Provision of any orthosis insert requires a comprehensive assessment of how these bones and muscles might be working as their ability to move well aids how you walk. All this is considered when we supply any insert.

Treatment benefits

  • Can help in aiding recovery from many foot and leg injuries
  • Reduce pain in the balls of the feet
  • Aid in recovery from plantar fascia pain (in the arch the foot or in the heel)
  • Shin splints- Medial tibial stress syndrome
  • Front of knee Pain- Chondromalacia patella syndrome
  • Outer knee/hip pain- Iliotibial band friction syndrome.